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Over Twenty Years of Professional, Comprehensive Financial Services

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Schmidt & Schmidt, Ltd.



Certified Public Accountants and Business Consultants

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Minnesota Unemployment Office

Social Security Administration

Minnesota Secretary of State

Internal Revenue Service

State of Minnesota

Professional Membership: Firms belonging to specific practice sections of the AICPA - and perhaps State Associations, have peer reviews to maintain membership. These professional reviews require a firm to submit periodically to a work accuracy analysis and a verification of adherence to accounting standard practices.

Qualifications: It's uncommon, but some accountant’s offer of "accounting services" may not meet minimum standards, so it is suggested that you research the firm carefully, and ask the right questions.


Reputation: Talk to your friends and business associates. Real value from an accounting firm means superior service, a forward-thinking attitude, an individual relationship you can rely on and the firm having a true interest in your business?


Big Picture: Develop a list of your needs to ensure that your accountant can meet those needs, but also expected - and unforeseen - future needs. Accountants able to deal with only one piece of your financial picture may fail to see the forest for the trees.

Complexity: What are the complexities of your business? Do you only need a tax return and year-end financial statements? Or perhaps you may also need tax and financial planning, or help with your business plan or retirement planning?


Specialization: Accounting is a wide profession, so most accountants narrow their range of specialty since it’s impossible to handle all areas well. So, make sure the firm’s concentration covers the areas of expertise you need.

Size: Is the one-on-one contact typical of a smaller firm important to you? Or will you feel more comfortable dealing with a larger firm where they may subcontract out your work or assign it to junior staff.



A Final Thought: Above all, your primary factor in choosing an accountant should be the value he or she can bring to the relationship. Evaluate their proactive approach to your needs, along with their professional credentials.

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Resources and Links

The following checklist is an excerpt from a QuickBooks criteria list for selecting a new accountant:


   “How to Choose Your Accounting Firm”

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